Decorative Glass

The process of sand blasting involves firing very fine bits of sand at a high velocity onto the glass surface. The combination of the high pressure sand and air “sticks” the sand onto the panel creating a frosted texture. Different designs can be achieved by using different types of sand and projecting it onto the panel at different pressures and velocities. This technique is sometimes used for creating 3D imagery onto the glass.

Ceramic painted glass, also known as ceramic fritted involves painting the glass with a ceramic based paint.
The ceramic paint is first applied on clear, tinted, or reflective glass. The glass is then either tempered or heat strengthened; the heat treatment process fuses the paint onto the glass creating a permanent durable coating. This process offers architects with a fade-durable, time tested product with a wide range of colors. Ceramic painted glass is usually installed as the inner panel of the IG units covering the spandrel area. It is also used for decorative purposes.



PVB films with different designs and colors can now be used to create colorful laminated glass panels. This type of glass offers high color intensity while maintaining the safety characteristics of laminated glass. It can be used indoors or outdoors. 

Company News

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