Insulated Glass

Originally created for extreme climates, insulated glass units are now widely used in all locations.

Insulated glass units are constructed with two or more panels of glass separated by a desiccant filled aluminum spacer that is hermetically sealed with either polypeptide or silicone. The purpose of the desiccant is to absorb any moisture that may form within the unit. Dry air usually occupies the empty space between the panels. Inert gases such as argon are sometimes added to enhance the insulation of the unit. Different combinations of glass types and colors are used to construct insulated glass units with unique aesthetic and performance properties.  

Benefits of insulated glass units include the following:

  • Warmer interiors in winter.
  • Cooler interiors in the summer.
  • Reduced noise level.
  • Reduced energy usage (heating and cooling).

The fully automated Lisec insulating glass system at Ittihad is equipped with an automatic washing machine; spacer bender, robotic sealing machine, and a double sealing head system. Insulated glass units supplied by Ittihad are manufactured in accordance with EN1279, ASTM E773 and ASTM E774. All insulated glass units are supplied with a 10 year limited warranty. 

Please contact our technical department to assist you in finding the perfect combination that will satisfy your design and performance requirements. 

This product is created by embedding a venetian blind in between the panels of glass in an insulated glass unit before it is permanently sealed. Once sealed in this totally dust free environment, the blinds require no cleaning, always appear new and are protected from damage unlike external blind systems. Operation of the blind can be either by a simple draw cord, a magnetic draw down device, twist knob or remote controlled motorized mechanism. 

For the designer, insulated glass blinds offer a creative and practical solution adding elegance and style and providing an effective control of light, heat, and privacy. Insulated glass blinds will also improve the acoustics of most interior spaces by providing an effective barrier to sound penetration.

This product is the perfect application for hospitals, medical centers, government buildings and schools.


Georgian Bar Insulated Glass Units This product involves housing a set of Georgian bars inside the insulating glass unit as shown in the picture below. Georgian bars add a visually pleasing element to windows of all sizes and are available in a set of different colours to match your architectural needs.

Two or more curved glass panels are joined together to form a single construction, the panels are separated by a desiccant filled aluminum spacer and the unit is then hermetically sealed with silicone. Please contact our technical department for more information regarding curved glass manufacturing limitations and all other technical issues related to this product.


Ittihad Insulating Glass Company works closely with architects and consultants on the design and manufacturing of custom made insulated glass products for specific applications. Below is an example of some of the custom product that we have designed and manufactured throughout the years.

Stone Louver Insulated Glass Unit

Eighteen pieces of marble stone were embedded inside the insulating glass unit as shown in the picture below. This product was custom made for the Abdali boulevard project in Amman, Jordan. The total quantity supplied of this item was around 2000 SQM.

Stainless Steel Insulated Glass Unit

A stainless steel sheet is embedded between the two panels of an insulated glass unit. The design below was used as part of the curtain wall in the Abdali boulevard project in Amman, Jordan. The total quantity supplied for this item was around 2000 SQM.

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